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Puzzle solutions
7th guest for the Mac

Telescope in the Library:

Spell out the sentence by clicking on the letters. After selecting a letter the next one selected MUST be connected to the last via a canal on the map of Mars.

Click on the Letters starting with the T at the bottom to spell: THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY

Spiders on the Star

Cover all the purple circles around the edge of the star with spiders. The puzzle is won when all but one circles have been covered with a spider. The spiders will move alone one of the lines from the starting circle to the ending circle.

  1. Click any purple circle to start.
  2. Click on either purple circle connected via the lines to the one from step 1 to have the spider move to there.
  3. Pick a purple circle so that after the spider moves he will be on the circle from step #1 above.
  4. Click on the circle from step #1 above to have the spider move to it.
  5. Pick a purple circle so that after the spider moves he will be on the circle from step #3 above.
  6. Click on the circle from step #3 above to have the spider move to it.
Continue this way around the star, picking a spot so that the spider can move to the place you CREATED the last spider on.

Skulls and Headstones in my cake

All 6 guests need to receive an equal share of cake. The problem is that the pieces given to each guest must touch on a side. The final shape of the pieces for each guest doesn't matter.

The S's represent sections with a SKULL, the H's sections with a Headstone. The section without an H or S are just icing.

Click on all 5 pieces with the number 1. After they fly from the cake click on all 2's, then 3's, 4's, 5's and finally 6's. All 6 guests received 5 pieces total consisting of 2 skulls, 2 headstones and 1 icing.

skulls and headstones puzzle 7th guest

Eight queens that do NOT get along

Position eight queens on the board so that no queen can capture another queen. NOTE: Queens can move in any direction including diagonals for as many squares as they want.


Queens puzzle solution  7th guest

Blood flow

Open/Close gates so that the blood can flow from the heart to the end. NOTE: Click the heart to get the blood flowing when you think you have it.

The easiest strategy I found was to start from the end. Click the gates and you will notice that the end with the little ball is fixed. Click the gates open and closed so that there is a continuous path for the blood to follow. By staring at the end this path is obvious.

aMAZEing, isn't it?

Find your way through the maze to the basement. Another puzzle awaits you there. NOTE: The room with the Bishop puzzle has a maze on a carpet. This is also the map to the basement. The maze is recreated below. The lengths of sections in the actual maze seem different than the map indicates even though the overall relationship of openings etc. seems correct.

map of basement labyrinth in 7th guest

Can's in the pantry

Rearrange the can's so that they make a complete sentence. The only VOWEL is Y. Here is a hint from the game: Bashful nomad, craftily, agilely, meet secretly near my underground vault.

solution to can in the pantry 7th guest

Letter Flowers on my bedspread

Make a sentence from the letters on the bedspread. From the last selected letter the next letters that can be used are either -5, -3, +3 or +5 letters away. NOTE: The STARS are used as spaces.

Here is the flow for the answer: KEY: Spaces-to-move Letter

solution letter flowers 7th guest

Grating - Ain't it?

Move the grate parts around so that the circle cut in two of them is over the opening. The bottom one protects you from the spikes.

I've numbered the six position's of the grates like this: solution grating puzzle 7th guest

Coins on the Briefcase

Turn over ALL coins. Once a coin is turned over only the coins along the column above/below or on the row to the right/left of it can be flipped. There are two puzzles in the sequence.

solution coins on the briefcase puzzle 7th guest

Bishop's needing a change:

Swap the bishop's out, white to black. Notes: You DO not have to move White/Black/White/Black etc. You can start with Black or White AND can move multiple Black or White Bishop's in a row.

SOLUTION: By numbering the board as show follow the moves in the numerical order under the #'s columns. (IE: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc)

solution bishops needing a change puzzle 7th guest

All Bishop's should now be swapped!

Crypt in the basement

Get the lid's all closed before the dead escape.

solution crypt in the basement puzzle 7th guest

Notice that clicking 2,4,6 or 8 has no effect on 5.

One more thing: Several times while trying to click on #9 I managed to instead click while the right beckoning hand was displayed. This exits the puzzle early. Be sure you have the EYE before clicking in a coffin.

Although I am sure there is a nice algorithm for this solution I still have not found it. I have managed to solve it by brute force only.

By resetting the puzzle I usually find a fairly easy one to solve within a few minutes.

Knights in the Bathroom

OBJECTIVE: Swap the Black and White Knights.

Solution: I've solved this through brute force. It took enough moves that I don't plan to document it here.

solution for knights in bathroom puzzle 7th guest

Card Shark

Flip over all the cards. Only cards adjacent to or in line on a row/column over already flipped cards can be flipped.

solution card shark puzzle 7th guest

Through the Microscope

You are Blue, have more blue pieces left at the end of the game. To create a new Blue move one square in any direction. You can more up to two squares in ANY direction including diagonals, you may jump other cells. solution through the microscope puzzle 7th guest

This is the PIT's

Make your way along the colored bricks to reach the FINISH block. There is a methodology you need to follow to complete this.

You do not need to step om all the colored bricks to win. Every third brick you step on needs to be purple. When stepping on the FINISH brick it must be the third in that sequence. solution this is the pits puzzle 7th guest

Flip Picture

Using the control buttons around the edges retore the picture back to it's correct state. Each time the puzzle is restated it is scrambled different.

When the picture is displayed correctly before being scrambled the squares of it are numbered 1 to 9 as show below. Memorize the section and it's number as shown below.

BUTTONS: Clicking on B1 increments the picture shown in squares 1,4 and 7 to the next picture in sequence. If picture 9 was shown then picture 1 is displayed in that square.

Clicking on B2 increments squares 2,5 and 8.

Clicking on B3 increments squares 3,6 and 9.

Clicking on buttons B7,B8 or B9 decrement their column.

Clicking on buttons B10,B11 or B12 increment the picture on their row.

Clicking on buttons B4,B5 or B6 decrement their row.

solution flip picture puzzle 7th guest

Note: I had the best luck resetting the puzzle until I got one that had the same pattern in columns 1 and 2. I was then able to increment column 3 to the same pattern. I was then able to increment row 1 and 2 until all 9 squares had the SAME picture. I then set column 2 to the picture before column 3. I then set column 1 to be the picture before column 2. I then decremented the rows 1 and 2 until I had the complete picture.

Spelling Blocks

Rearrange the blocks to spell the correct three words.

CONTROL: Clicking on the TOP of a column slides the lower two blocks up, the top one goes to the bottom. The opposite is true by clicking on the BOTTOM of a column. Clicking on the RIGHT edge of a row slides the row to the right. The rightmost block goes to the left edge. Again the opposite is true for the LEFT edge.

The blocks always initialize to the same configuration. To solve the puzzle rearrange the letters to spell the words. Here is the solution for 'Spelling Blocks' puzzle.

solution spelling blocks puzzle 7th guest

Piano Bar

Follow the song through 18 notes repeating in a 'Follow the leader' type of game.

I taped a piece of paper to my screen and marked all the keys on it. Then I numbered the keys 1,2,3...18 as they were played.

I believe this is the sequence - only part of the Keyboard is shown. I've entered this in two different formats, use the one you find easiest to follow.

solution piano bar puzzle 7th guest

The musical solution is:

Follow the Leader through the 18 note melody by playing the following keys. The Piano pictured is an accurate repro of a real piano.

Play in sequence:

Low B, up an octave to B, F#, G, E, D#, E, F#, E, Low B, up an octave to B, C, B, A, G, F#, E, F#.

For those who have a little trouble, it may help to remind that 'B' is located to the right of any three key black sequence.

Stauf's Face

OBJECTIVE: Restore Stauf's face to normal.

This is simular to the crypt puzzle except that each section of the puzzle can be in THREE states. The sequence is like this:

solution staufs face puzzle 7th guest

Notice that clicking 2,4,6 or 8 has no effect on 5.

NOTE: I kept resetting this one until I got a setup that seemed logical to clear.

Star Knives

Remove knives by jumping over them with another knife. To win you must have only one knife left on the board.

SOLUTION: I've numbered the nodes like this:

solution star knives puzzle 7th guest


OBJECTIVE: Find the proper path throught the windows to clear each section.

You start on the BOTTOM section, click on window #1 and follow then in order. Some of them will automatically turn on when another is clicked. Click the next on that needs to be lite when some are automatically turned on.

solution skyscraper puzzle 7th guest

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