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  • Buildings are cheaper than units. If you want to buy a rifleman to defend a town it's much cheaper to select a temple, buy it and then change back to a rifleman.

  • Use caravans to build things other than wonders. When conquering, take caravans with you. As soon as you take over, start building a wonder and contribute the caravan(s) to the wonder. Then switch it back to whatever you need.

  • You can use a bomber to protect a city by parking it in the air outside the city. It appears that when moving it's units the computer moves them in a set order (probably the order in which they were built).

    This often means that it moves half of its ground units (which can't get past your bomber) before finally bringing out a fighter to kill the bomber (if it ever does actually attack the bomber). This can give you time to fortify the city.

  • Once you have railroads take a settler into a transport onto one of the fish squares that is being used and activate the settler. Press 'r' on the settler for making a road (on water!!) and then 'r' again for a railroad.

    You now have a railroad on the fish which gives you the increased production and trade that railroads normally give. Unfortunately you can't walk pieces onto the square as if it were a bridge.

  • Always use nuclear missiles on enemy battleships and carriers at sea - no pollution.

  • The maximum number of military units is 128 . This includes not only your units but also all your opponents units. A sure way to be able to produce more units is to kill your opponents.

Turn bug

When the game is saved, movement of your units is reset. You can use this to your advantage by e.g. moving your units, saving, quitting, double-clicking your saved game in the finder and move again - all within the same turn!


I've uploaded CivCheat at the Macintosh Garden, a trainer for editing your saved civ games.

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