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Duke Nukem

Cheats & Easter Eggs
Duke Nukem 3D mac game graphics

Cheat Codes

Cheat codeEffect
DNCORNHOLIO God Mode (Unlimited Jetpack).
DNKROZ Also God Mode, but easier to type.
DNVIEW Same as the F7 key in the game, watch the play from behind Duke.
DNHYPER Automatic and infinite Steroids.
DNITEMS All inventory and keys.
DNWEAPONS All weapons and ammo.
DNKEYS All keys.
DNSTUFF All weapons, keys, inventory items.
DNSCOTTYxyy Level Warp. x= Episode Number, yy=the level number (ie. to warp to the first level of Episode 2, type, dnscotty0201).
DNSKILLx Changes the difficulty mode to x. (x= 0 to 3)
DNUNLOCK Opens all doors and unlocks all locked doors.
DNMONSTERS Toggles monsters on and off.
DNCLIP Allows walking through walls.
DNSHOWMAP Reveals the entire map.
DNCASHMAN A shower of money when you press Space.
DNCOORDS Displays map coordinate/level information.
DNDEBUG Displays debug information.
DNRATE Displays frame rate on-screen (for maximum accuracy, must be in full screen mode).
DNBETA Prints the message "Pirates Suck!"
DNALLEN Prints the message "Buy Major Stryker"
DNTODD Prints the message "Register Cosmo Today!

Easter Eggs

While toddling around the first level ("Hollywood Holocaust"), you will eventually find yourself in the projectionist booth of a movie theatre. Flip the switch next to the window to pull the curtain and start the rather boring film selection. Then type "DN1984" for a more entertaining bit of cinema. :-)

Whenever you look into the video monitors on each level, it's just the same boring computer read out and scenes from around the level. Change all that by typing "DNMACS" and they all turn to friendly Mac desktops.

Finally, if you want a little help, type "DNMONKEY" and a little simian friend runs around and shoots stuff.

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