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Journeyman Project, The

Complete walkthrough
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The Present - Caldoria Hts. Apts.

First thing you need to do is turn left, walk forward and pick up the TRANSPORT CARD off the desk.

Next leave your appartment, go into the elevator and go to the first floor. Stand in front of the transporter and click on it. When it opens walk into it.

Put the transport card in the slot on the right side when you are asked and click on the Temporal Security Annex button.

The Present - Temporal Security Annex

Walk forward from the transporter down the hall to the door and click on it. When asked for your code, enter the code from the manual (p. 9).

There is no way to get to work on time, so don't sweat the late arrival message. When the door opens, walk thru and hang a left.

Go into the Command Center and turn towards the computer monitors. Click the left monitor, enter your code (again on p.9) and watch the 3 movies. When you're done, click the RTN button.

Now a whole bunch of alarms will go off. Head to the Ready Room and walk up to the BioSupport Suit generator. Click on the screen and get your biosuit.

Right next to it on the right you will find a cabinet. Click on the blue glass to open it up and get the JOURNEYMAN KEY. Click the compartment below that and get the MAPPING BIOCHIP and PEGASUS BIOCHIP.

Leave the Ready Room and go down the hallway to the right. Open the door, go down the elevator and walk towards the time machine until it opens.

When it opens, walk into it. Inside the time machine, click on the 200 million BC button and click the activate button to transport back in time.

200 Million BC

There's lots of cool dinosaur noises and shadows here, but I don't think they can get to you in the valley you are in. You can however walk off the cliff that you start near so be careful.

All you need to do is turn around and walk down the canyon to the end. Use the Journeyman Key on the Journeyman symbol to open the vault and get the HISTORICAL LOG DISK. Then use your recall button (Journeyman symbol).

Temporal Security Annex (altered timeline)

Go back up to the Command Center. Open the right disk drive and insert the log disk. The computer will then compute what events have been altered.

Click on the right monitor and check out the 6 movies which explain the way things ARE and the way they are SUPPOSED to be. Head back to the time machine.

Now things get tricky. You can go to either Mars Colony or the Science Center, but not, I think, to NORAD VI first (as you need items from the other places)

Mars Colony:

Walk down the hall, away from the emergency doors, until you see the robot walk by. Follow him (hang a left) and go into the Maintenance Transport.

Go into the car and pick up the WIRE CUTTERS and the MAINTENANCE KEY in the toolbox in the rear. Face forward and throw the switch to move through the tunnel.

When you leave the transport bay, you will see the robot again when you turn left. Turn right and walk forward and he will go by you. Pick up the OXYGEN MASK and then use it in the indentation in the middle of the 'rack' (for lack of a better term) to charge it up.

Go through the door that the robot came out of. Use the console to return the repair platform to its last position. Use the maintenance key to open the compartment and the console to perform a diagnostic on the shield.

You will discover an explosive device in a card slot. The computer will ask if you want to disarm it. Say yes and you get to play a game of "Mastermind".

Once you disarm the bomb, get the ACCESS CARD BOMB and return the platform to its original position. Go back to the spot you were standing on when the robot threatened you and SAVE YOUR GAME using the Interface BioChip.

Open the airlock door, put on the oxygen mask by clicking its picon and clicking use. Click the pressurize button and when you hear the beep press the turn button.

Now would also be a good time to activate your Mapping BioChip. Your task now is to navigate thru a maze in 8 minutes before your oxygen supply runs out.

Listen carefully for machinery clanking - that's your clue that you are getting close to the mine elevator. Walk right into the moving boxes (buckets?). You will then be taken to another floor.

Move forward when you are level - you will not automatically walk off the elevator, you will keep going. Now go thru the airlock just like you did the other one. You can remove the mask now if you wish.

You will see the robot heading for the shuttles and then an announcement that a shuttle was launched. There is one shuttle left (#1 I think). Open the door and get in.


Nothing much happens now until you get into weapons range of the robot's shuttle.

Use the energy damping beam and shoot him until his power gauge goes bright red. Then use the tractor beam. Then use the transporter.


Same as the peacful solution but use the 'real' weapon (on the left side of the display) to shoot the ship instead of the energy damping beam.

Once you beam over, you will find the robot damaged. Open his head and pick up the biochips. One is another mapping biochip. The others are an OPTICAL MEMORY BIOCHIP and a TRACE BIOCHIP.

You have now completed this mission and restored time. You will automatically be recalled to the present and the time machine chamber. Check out your new biochips, especially the optical memory chip which has a movie in it.

- The robot for this stage is named ARES

Science Center

When you arrive, you get shot with a dart. Your biosuit will ask you if you want to remove it, say yes. Turn around and click on the computer screen until it asks you for a sample.

Drag the dart into the center of the analysis chamber. Once it does its stuff, turn around, take a step forward and turn right.

Use the big screen to create an antidote. This involves dragging 6 groups of molecules in a certain order to the main molecule.

You do this 3 times and the sequence does not change, so remember the order. If you drag the wrong group, you need to start over but there is no limit to the number of tries.

Turn around again and get the ANTIDOTE from the synthesizer. Use it on yourself. At this point you can...
  • Look at the hologram of the robot (turn right from the place you started)

  • Look at Dr. Elliot's notes on the monitor on the left of the starting place. There are 3 movies.

  • Look at the dissection video by clicking on the microscope near the monitor where Dr. Elliot's journals are (it's in the lower left corner). This brings it up. Then click twice on the main round viewer. Not recommended for weak stomachs.
When you are done checking out the lab, open the door. Hang a left and go all the way down the hall. You will see the 'Auditorium' sign pointing to the left.

Head RIGHT, then take the first left. Head down to the purple door (last one on the left). Now would be a good time to save the game. Open the door and walk forward.

Alternately, you can use the Trace BioChip to see which way the robot went. It shows his foot steps and a small animation.

Peaceful solution

Use the wire cutters to open the fire control box and sound the alarm. Click on the green screen that pops out and click on 'test'.

Violent solution

Pull the electrical cable on the right side out. When the 'scientist' morphs into a robot, use the cable on the catwalk he is standing on and zap him.

Again open his head and pull out all the biochips. You will find another OPTICAL MEMORY BIOCHIP (whose contents will be added to the existing chip if you have it and you should view once you return to the present) as well as a RETINAL BIOCHIP and SHIELD BIOCHIP.

When the robot vaporizes, pick up the STUN GUN. You have completed this mission and are automatically recalled to the time machine.

- The robot for this period is named MERCURY

Norad VI

When you start this mission, immediately put on your oxygen mask. Turn left and check out the monitor by clicking through all its displays. Turning left again reveals a GAS CANISTER, which if you pick it up will end the game.

Instead open the door, walk thru and turn left. The robot will shoot you a couple of times which will drain your energy. Activating your Shield BioChip will reduce the amount of damage you take by about one-half. Turn it on before you turn left towards the robot

Walk down the hall turn left and click on the door and see what the robot is up to. Once you're done, turn around and head through the left door. Keep going forward through the airlocks and sub bay to the control room.

You will need to equalize the pressure in the subdock by pressing and holding on the down arrow until the right bar is level or less than the left bar. Once you do that, the door will open.

In the control room, take a left and follow the signs to Alpha sector. When you find the door with the retinal scanner on it, activate your retinal biochip and click on the door.

Once the door is open walk forward to the missle override controls. Next you play a little game where you use a trackball to move a target over the map of the Earth.

Your goal is to as quickly as possible move the target over the active site and click the override button. Once you do this 10 times, the system will shutdown.

There are 2 keys to doing this. One is to have a fairly decent knowledge of world geography. The second is not to treat the trackball like a real trackball; that is don't keep doing click-drag-release, just click on the part of the trackball you want the map to move and hold for as long as you want. e.g. to move left, click and hold the left of the ball.

The robot is NOT a happy camper. Head to the sub dock control room.

Peaceful solution

Turn right and look through the window. When the robot comes up and is right in front of the window, activate the loading arm using the programmed sequence (i.e. not manual).

Fans of the movie "Aliens" will recognise the sound effects.

Violent solution

Instead of turning right at the window, turn towards the pressure door and click on it. You will see the pressure controls like usual, but you can see the robot coming for you through the window.

Click and hold the up arrow to increase the pressure (right bar) until it won't go up anymore. The robot very satisfyingly 'melts'.

You have defeated this robot, so open his head and get his OPTICAL MEMORY BIOCHIP which you should view upon returning to the present - which will happen automatically in a few moments.

- The robot for this period is named POSIEDON

Temporal Security Annex (time restored)

Head back to the transporter and go to Caldoria Heights Apartments.

Caldoria Hts. Apts. (time restored)

Head to the roof. Remember when the game started and you were going down to the first floor and someone was going to the roof...?

It was probably the evil Dr. Sinclair himself! Anyway, all you will find on the roof is a locked door. Use the access card bomb on the door's slot. This blows a big hole in the wall.

You probably won't get your security deposit back, but you can now see Dr. Elliot Sinclair. Use the stun gun on him.

That's it! You beat the game, congrats! Author: Adam Schenker

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